Fruit Tree washing on the Allotment

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Finally we had a still, dry day at the Allotment so good weather for giving the fruit trees a winter wash to control insect and aphid eggs.

Repairs started on the raised beds – scaffold planks are cheap and a good size but they do not last long. We started a little weeding, removing especially the chickweed which soon becomes a menace if it is allowed to seed and found that the pak choi plants had rotted at the base. Some of the leaves though were saved for a stir fry.

Winter Harvest – January 2023

The sprouts are almost finished and the stalks with the remaining sprouts were dug up – it is much easier to remove the sprouts at home.

Last year we grew the dwarf Jerusalem artichoke. From the one tuber, there was a reasonable crop of red coloured artichokes but most of them were dug in again to grow on and give a better crop next winter.

Dwarf jerusalem artichokes

Jobs for next week

  • Continue with the raised bed repairs
  • Move the saskatoon
  • Tie in any loose shoots on the soft fruit
  • Trim the grass edges

Don’t forget, our Winter Fruit Pruning Workshop will take place on the allotment on Sunday 26th February 2pm-4pm.  The workshop is free but you must book your place.  Please contact to register.

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