“Greening up well” – update from George

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The pots of bulbs in George’s glasshouse have been kept dry since they were lifted out of the plunge more than two weeks ago. The soil is still slightly damp and George will not apply any water for at least another week. By limiting the bulbs’ water uptake in this way he can control the speed of growth and development.

The pots for the Scamp Challenge have greened up well, as have the pots of Hyacinths.

The white Hyacinth cultivar Aiolis is a favourite and stays in good condition for a long time after it is fully open.

Remember that this Sunday morning we will be lifting the pots of Caley bulbs from the plunge bed at the Bridgend Allotment site. This is three weeks later than George lifted his own pots and so if you continue to follow the Bulb Blog you will be able to see what progress both lots make in the coming 6-8 weeks..

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