Almost like spring – but watch out for storms

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It almost looks springlike in George’s garden and there may be still a chill in the wind but the flowers on the Narcissus ‘Winter Waltz’ seem to be enjoying the early morning light.

Narcissus Winter Waltz

Meanwhile the pots of Caley bulbs had their first watering with liquid feed last week and are looking fit and healthy.

The leaves on the pot of Tulip ‘Candela’ are now well open. They are now showing their second leaf and soon the flower bud will appear. The pot of Narcissus ‘Arleston’ now has its flowerbuds pushing up past the foliage and the pot of Hyacinths ‘Jan Bos’ is starting to show good colour. Soon the flower pips will start expanding and opening.

The pots of the other Narcissus are progressing well , although it appears that there may be a rogue bulb in the pot of ‘American Heritage. The pot of ‘Fairy Island ‘ on the left may need a bit of extra heat to get it to flower before the end of the month but I will leave it in the glasshouse for now. The pot of ‘Angkor ‘ on the right is showing some strong flower bud growth.

Fairy Island, American Heritage, Angkor

The two pots of Scamp Challenge are still racing neck and neck so it is anybody’s guess as to which one will be the best.

Scamp Challenge pots

The weather looks to be a bit stormy this week so if your pots are outside, think about moving them to a sheltered spot out of the wind or consider bringing them into the warm for a couple of days until the worst of the weather has passed.

Keep watering and pottering

Happy Gardening

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