Growing for the spring show? Expect the unexpected

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I suppose that we have come to expect the unexpected when preparing pots of bulbs for the Caley Spring Show. We have had the snow, now all we wait for are “breezes loud and shrill that stir the dancing daffodil”!

It has been an interesting week and with only three weeks to go until the Show buds are forming and blooms staring to prepare for opening.

Tulip Sweet Lady and Exotic Emperor

The pots of Tulips, ‘Exotic Emperor’ and ‘Sweet Lady’ have yet to show their flower buds so will remain in the cold glasshouse for the time being. The excess shoots on the ‘Exotic Emperor ‘ will be removed and the tulips staked and tied.

The cold snap seems to have weakened the foliage on some of the pots of daffodils and so here again the pots will be staked and tied. The Scamp challenge pots are showing a good flush of flower buds and will be kept in the cold glasshouse for the time being.

Blushing Maiden and Golden Amber

The pots of Narcissus ‘Blushing Maiden’ and ‘Golden Amber’ have some good flower buds present but the frost of recent days has weakened the flower stems and  the pots will need to be staked and tied to give them support.

Dunstan’s Fire and Eva Hibbert

The pot of ‘Dunston’s Fire’ is well forward  but ‘Eva Hibbert’ appears to be a bit shy and retiring. It will be moved into the house and put next to the window to hurry it along.

The pots of hyacinths,  ‘Woodstock’ and ‘Kronos’ continue to develop and will be left inside for the next few days just to advance them a bit more.

Damaged flower spike

The flower spike on the variety ‘Kronos’ that had to have its damaged flower pips removed has recovered but sad to say it will never be a perfect bloom.

So the tasks for the next week are staking, tying, watering and feeding.

Keep smiling, the weather is bound to improve as the days lengthen.


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