Harvest Time on the Allotment.

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The best crop ever from the plum tree as you can see from the photograph and there are even more on the side. All the plums were taken off the tree and the slightly less ripe ones will go to jam making. If they had been left on the tree, we would have found them all on the ground by next Thursday. The tree was treated differently this year, being given an environmesh cover from blossom time to give it shelter and in late winter being  ‘shown the spade’ to use a George Anderson term (root pruning to encourage growth).

Fruits of the season.

The early apples are beginning to ripen, so they were all checked and netted. There is usual excellent crop coming on the variety ‘Discovery’– always a good doer.

Time too for digging up some of the main crop potatoes. We did a small trial this year using the variety ‘Desiree’ – with dung, seaweed and dung, and seaweed as different fertilisers. They are still to be weighed so more on this next week.

Allotment produce on display at the Dundee Show.

The cleared beds are getting a quick fork over and weeding still being done around the edges of the plot. And we picked for showing at the Dalkeith show at the weekend and took the largest marrow yet.

Dalkeith Show is always a great display of vegetables, flowers and fruit, home baking and teas.

Jobs for next week

  • Finish digging up the main crop potatoes
  • Prune bramble etc and tie in new growth
  • Check raspberries – re-locate new shoots
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