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Thursday was a day for emergency repairs as the strong winds had snapped at ground level two of the supporting posts for the espalier apples. With the trees in full fruit it was only possible to dig in other posts as splints and wire and nail them together. The training wires have stretched but will need to wait until the apples have been picked before the trees can be rewired.

The sweet peas had fallen over too so these had to be propped up again but surprisingly the runner beans were still upright and holding their own.

The potatoes in the fertiliser trial mentioned last week were weighed. The variety was Desiree and there were three short rows using dung, seaweed and dung, and seaweed as fertilisers. The potatoes were not watered throughout the summer. The results showed that the seaweed and dung gave the best results by far. Next year we will do this again but with a control row and see what happens.

  • Seaweed and dung 7kg
  • Dung 4.4kg
  • Seaweed 3kg

Prizewinning Onions

The allotment did well at the Dalkeith Show last weekend. Eight entries were submitted and we won prizes for five entries: red cabbage, amusingly shaped vegetable, 4 Kelsae onions, marrow and 3 beet.



Still picking the autumn raspberries, blueberries, red currants, apples, courgettes, beans, sweetcorn, beetroot

Jobs for next week

  • Still to prune the remaining soft fruit and plum 
  • Weeding
  • Sow green manure on empty ground [not on the bed for bulb workshop]
  • Keep checking the apples for ripe fruit
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