Keeping Tidy on the Allotment

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Thursday was spent tidying up the plot and weeding to get ready for the Open Day on Sunday 14th. The grass was cut, and some energetic weeding of paths done. The hose was out again of course.

A view of the Allotment

As ever in a season some things do well, and others struggle. The peas and beans are looking very good, the winter brassicas are growing well, the squashes are revelling in the heat, and we might be picking sweetcorn in the next couple of weeks.

Blackberries – variety ‘Loch Ness’

But even with a weekly soak, we are seeing signs of some crops not coping with the high temperatures – Thursday was 27°C.

Branches on some of the soft fruit and the autumn raspberries are dying back and the shaws on some of the main crop potatoes have died back, with the potatoes as a whole showing poor growth.

‘Discovery’ apples ripening nicely

We did not do any picking today, choosing instead to leave it for visitors to the Open Day.

Jobs for next week

  • Finish the summer pruning
  • Watering
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