Only seven days to go to the show.

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Only seven days to go until it is showtime and most of the pots are looking on course for the show bench. There can be many a slip between now  and then so keep an eye on the weather and don’t forget to keep the pots well watered.

All pots will be dressed with a layer of moss, staked and wiped clean. Individual blooms for the various cut flower sections will be cut and collected together on Wednesday (I have an insanely busy week this coming week) and put into a bucket of water to make sure that they are full charged up and ready to go come Friday afternoon.

The Caley Hyacinths, ‘Woodstock’ and ‘Kronos ‘ are not as good as I would have wished and only one pot will be entered into the relevant section. The single flowers will end up in the cut  flower section.

The pots of Tulips, ‘Exotic Emperor’ and ‘Sweet Lady’ have still so show colour and will be given some extra heat to bring the colour to their buds. Remember to read the Show Schedule and make sure there are the correct number of blooms per pot.

The flower buds in the pots of Scamp Challenge are  also taking their time to show colour so will be moved into the house just to hurry them along.  I/we ( Gill and I) will select our best blooms for the Scamp Challenge class. Any other good blooms will be cut for the other cut flower class.

The pots of ‘Blushing Maiden’ ‘Golden Amber’ are well flowered and will be cleaned up and entered into the relevant pot classes.

The pot of ‘Eira Hibbert’ is loath to flower and will remain in the house to get it up to the correct stage for the show while the pot of ‘ Dunston’s Fire’ looks good enough.

My own pots grown for the cut flower section are all sitting outside now and I will keep an eye on the forecast just to ensure they come to no harm.

I look forward to seeing you all at the show and hope that you have had a good growing season.

Stay safe meantime


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