Potato harvest on the Allotment

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Last Thursday was good day for lifting the main crop potatoes and what a harvest we had! They were laid out to dry before bagging up for storage. Each row is the crop from 3 or 4 tubers planted in the spring.

Potato Harvest

Pak choi plants, which we brought on at home, were planted out in a sunny spot to give another winter crop – hopefully for us and not the slugs.

Pak choi

On our last visit to the Allotment,  a large piece of environmesh was put over the top of the plum to help ensure that the new growth was bent down and that new fruit on it was within reach. A long piece of string was tied to each corner and then the other end was tied round a brick to hold the netting in place. We shall keep this in place until the spring and it will also give some winter protection to the tree. Getting the environmesh over the top of the tree was a job that needed everyone to get completed!

Inroads were made into the weedy surrounds of the plot and then we did some harvesting. The sweetcorn are excellent this year – the best ever in fact – due to the extreme heat there has been. When the allotment was started, getting a crop from the sweetcorn was a chancy business and in some years we did not even bother growing it.

Some Pink Fir Apple potatoes

Jobs for next week

  • Sow green manure on the potato bed
  • Remove the courgette plants – probably
  • Weeding round the edges
  • Check the apples for ripeness
  • Check the stored potatoes
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