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If you have been following George’s blog, you will have heard about the Scamp Challenge.  It is the only restricted class in the Spring Bulb Show and, this year, is the only class being judged by a Daffodil Society judge.    In a ‘real’ show a judge will assess each bloom for :

  • Form and poise
  • Condition
  • Colour
  • Size of Cultivar
  • Stem

Assessing some of these characteristics isn’t possible with a virtual show, and as the bulb is a division 4 double daffodil the judge has quite a challenge!  So which would you choose? To give you a head start this is an extract from the official registration:

Bere Ferrers: flower should be 110mm wide with petal segments in several whorls, white with a tinged greenish yellow at the base.  The outer whorls are broadly ovate, with margins in-curling and the overlapping half inner whorls become successively shorter and narrower and are less regularly arranged and are more strongly inflexed, the corona segments are short interspersed among the inner whorls are vivid yellow and flushed orange, Slightly scented.

For a bit of fun, we would love to know which one you would choose as the winner.  Select the number on the daffodil – each entrant is given a unique number so that all entries are anonymous.  No favouritism here! Click on the link below to view all of the entries.

Scamp Challenge Entries.

The Caley are lucky to have a great relationship with the daffodil growers, Scamps. They have a fantastic selection of bulbs on their website, so if you are thinking about entering the Spring Bulb Show in 2022 you should have a look.

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