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And another crop is over, this time the strawberries which have done well. Time to cut off all the old leaves, remove the straw and give them a feed to boost the growth of the new leaves. We don’t need any more strawberries and the runners were all cut off too.

The shaws on the second early potatoes are dying back, so they were cut off and the potatoes will be left in the ground for a couple of weeks which will allow the skins to harden and help them last longer.  There have been some humid days lately so a check was made to see if there was any blight but fortunately there was not.

A lovely little cauliflower

The red onions planted as sets in the spring have finished growing and they were slightly loosened to help break the roots and encourage the bulbs to ripen.

The beetroot and purple turnips were thinned and another carrot thinning done.

A huge amount of weeding was done on the beds and we are managing to keep up but it is surprising how many weeds do appear from one week to the next.

Courgettes soon grow into small marrows if not harvested

Jobs for the week

  • Feed the fruit
  • Sow green manures in the cleared beds
  • More weeding
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