Time to keep on top of weeds on the allotment

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Now that most of the planting has been done on the allotment, we need to keep on top with the weeding.

Today the onion bed was gone over and the weeding among the hazels continued.

Weeding the onions

The young potato shaws are showing and they were earthed up to help protect them in case of a late frost though the long range forecast makes that seem unlikely.

Earthing up the potatoes

The frame for the runner and climbing French beans was put up and all the netting checked.
We are hoping to follow No Mow May for the grassy paths . The dry weather is helping and trimming the edges keeps them looking good.

Jobs for next week
Plant out the sweetcorn and courgettes and cover with fleece
Sow runner, French climbing and dwarf French beans
Water the young plants
Net the gooseberries

and weeding – of course

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