A dreich day on the Allotment

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We had a drizzly start to the day on Thursday so it was on with the cagoules and off to work. We set to work on clearing the sweetcorn and taking down the runner bean frame. The sweetcorn stalks were chopped up for later burning and the bean plants similarly for the compost bin.

Taking down the runner beans

The netting was taken off the redcurrant bush since the fruit is now going over and what is left can be enjoyed by the birds. The loganberry had the old fruiting canes cut down to the base and where the new growth was longer than the training wire, that was reduced in length so it can be tied in securely.

The rain came on in earnest as we were having a coffee break so after that we called it a day.  As we were leaving we noticed that there were flower buds on the grafted apple – not something to be allowed in October!

Flower on the grafted apple tree

Jobs for next week

  • Tie in the new shoots on the soft fruit
  • Start on clearing the old composting area
  • Bonfire if dry enough
  • Weeding, of course
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