A pleasant, if busy, day on the Allotment

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Thursday was a very warm and pleasant day at the Allotment. The apple blossom is looking particularly lovely and the warmer weather has given everything a growth spurt, including the weeds.

We had a very busy, productive day. All of the fruit trees were weeded and fed with blood fish and bone. The surrounding soil at the base of the tree’s was loosened, creating a small trench, the blood and fish and bone applied, then covered with soil to prevent the aroma of attracting any pests. We followed this by giving the plants a good watering. The wooden border around the fruit trees was replaced.

Feeding the fruit trees

The brassica beds were prepared and limed. Adding lime to the brassica beds reduces the pH of the soil which help to prevent club root.

Now the warmer weather is upon us, the fleece was removed from the strawberries.

The onion beds were weeded and the height of the netting raised.

The grass edges along the path were trimmed.

Some of the paths were weeded and woodchip applied.

We did some general weeding around the plot and a great team effort ensured the fruit cage was netted with relative ease.

Netting the fruit cage

Jobs for next week.

  • Sow beetroot, kohl rabi, turnip and swede.
  • Check soil pH prior to planting Brussels sprouts.
  • Earth up the potatoes if needed.
  • Mow the grass path
  • General weeding
  • Weed the paths
  • Deadhead the flowers to encourage further flowering.
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