Another mild day on the Allotment

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Thursday saw another mild day on the Allotment with a wee wind blowing and a bit of a haar in the air. The warmer weather is again encouraging growth in abundance.

Some of the hardy vegetables were sown and brought on at home by our Allotment volunteers, including the Brussels Sprouts which were planted out on the bed that had been prepared last week.

The roots bed was weeded and prepared with a good supply of compost and some manure and plug plants of snowball turnips were planted. We also sowed some additional snowball turnip seeds and both were well watered-in.

Planting snowball turnips

The brassica bed had been prepared and limed on our previous visit, so this week a row of ‘Tantor’ cabbages were planted, with alternating rows of red ‘Rodima’ cabbage. The bed was covered with micro-mesh as protection against the cabbage root fly.

The carrots, which we sowed in containers, were weeded and watered and appear to be growing well.

Carrots in containers

The back border of the plot was tidied by removing the Hogweed and Alkanet which was growing there.

Beds and paths were weeded and woodchip will be applied to the paths the next time we get a delivery of woodchips to the allotment site.

Jobs for next week

  • Prepare the beds for peas and beans.
  • Weed the borders, paths and flower beds.
  • Sow Kohl Rabi
  • Dead head plants that require it.
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