Caley Allotment update – 21/4/22

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A chilly start on Thursday with the haar well down on Arthur’s Seat but ending in bright sunshine.

And it was a busy day with the rest of the potatoes being planted.  They were planted in trenches with manure along the bottom and then covered over and ridged up. Cabbages were put in, both pointed and Savoys, and as ever they were netted against the pigeons.

Netting the cabbages

Last week the early potatoes were planted and 1 row each of carrots, beetroot and purple Milan turnips plus half of one of the carrot tubs. Every 2/3 weeks we shall do succession sowing of these to extend the season and avoid a glut. A potful of chives was brought along, divided up and planted, and again netted against the rabbits.

To delight us later in summer the sweet peas were planted out and netted. It seems a fox had been digging a very large hole in the prepared bed so extra netting was put in place.

Meanwhile at home kale, brussels sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli have been sown for winter produce.

We found an interesting fungus today on a piece of netting which had lain on a bark path for several months. It is white and was so firmly attached to the netting that it had to be cut out. Any suggestions as to what it is?

Interesting fungus, but what is it?

Jobs for next week

  • Sowing of peas, carrots, kohl rabi, beetroot, purple Milan turnips
  • Keep the hoe going
  • Prepare the ground for frost-tender plants going out in late May/June
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