First week progress report from George

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There was a slight frost Saturday morning but in general the weather has continued to be mild with the result that there has been good growth on many of the pots of bulbs.

The hyacinths have greened up well now and as far as I can see there is only one flower spike per bulb which is good news. The tulips meanwhile continue to move on slowly with the flowerbuds only just visible.

Tulip and Hyacinth

The two pots of the Scamp Challenge continue to be a challenge with uneven growth.  Some of the bulbs have grown as expected but others have either more or less failed to develop normally. However there should be sufficient flowers available for the show.

Scamp Challenge

The pot of Lindsay Joy has not grown well as I had hoped whereas the pot of Feock is doing well and with the mild weather and extra sunshine it now is showing its flower buds.

Lindsay Joy and Feock

So too the pots of Ombersley and Tamar Fire have put on good growth and are showing flowerbuds.

Tamar Fire and Ombersley

So what happens next? Well I will start watering and feeding the pots and those that are growing well ( perhaps too quickly) will be stood outside where the cooler temperatures will steady their growth. The others, the slower growing pots will be kept in the cold glasshouse where, fingers crossed, their growth will improve.

Keep an eye on the watering and give your pots a liquid feed of Tomato feed.
There are a few weeks to go before the show and our main task may be holding back the flowers.

More next week.

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