Getting ready for the Open Day

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19 Aug - onions laid out to dry

A warm and sunny day for the final titivation of the plot before the Open Day on Sunday. The grass and edges were cut, weeding and hoeing done. The new growth on the loganberry and Tayberry was tied in and stakes were put in for the kale and spring broccoli.

19 Aug - Large, juicy and sweet brambles

Sweet & juicy brambles

One of the purple sprouting broccoli plants was looking poorly and digging it up showed it had cabbage root fly. The onions were laid out on pallets in a sunnier spot to dry.

The new salad plant, Strawberry Spinach (also known as Beetberry and Strawberry Blite), was planted in the high bed. Despite the name, it is neither a strawberry nor spinach – taste it yourself on Sunday and see what you think of it.

19 Aug - Brilliant colour on the Discovery Apples

Brilliant colour on our Discovery apples

Open Day Sunday 20 August 2pm-4pm. Fruit pruning workshop with George Anderson.

All welcome

Jobs for next week

Finish the summer pruning
Dig up the next rows of potatoes
Cut down the shaws of the last rows of potatoes

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