More planting at the Allotment.

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Thursday was all about planting out the tender summer veg and starting on the winter brassicas.

Good roots on the heritage kale

Despite the continuing east wind and unseasonal temperatures, the plants brought on at home are ready to be put in though with the sweetcorn and courgettes, we put light fleece over them to help them adjust and will keep it on for a couple of days.  The sweet corn needs to be planted out in a block since it is wind pollinated.

Planting sweetcorn in a block pattern

We also put in runner beans, climbing and dwarf French beans, squashes and chicory. Succession rows of peas were sown, carrots and beetroot thinned and winter kale and cabbages were planted out and covered with enviromesh against the cabbage white butterfly. The strawberries are beginning to redden and they were netted against the birds

Magnificent chives

We are now needing to water every week to allow the plants to grow well and ensure we get decent crops, and to help retain moisture, each time the grass is cut, the clippings are used as a mulch around the plot.  And even with all this hard work, we still managed to have coffee and lunch breaks and enjoy the greenness and growth all around us!

Jobs for next week

  • Feed the fruit with blood, fish and bone
  • Succession rows of carrots, beetroot, turnips, kohl rabi
  • Cut the grass
  • Watering, weeding
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