Repairs on the Allotment

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After having to cancel our previous session because of the severe cold, last Thursday we enjoyed a day of sunshine and mild(ish) temperatures and a splendid double rainbow.

There was work to be done clearing up after the storms. The netting round the strawberries was blown down and before it was put up again the dead leaves were removed from the plants, reducing the hiding places for slugs. The hazel/willow windbreak on the north edge was partly blown down and a temporary fix was made. The pak choi was killed by the frost and the chard suffered badly so we dug up the pak choi and a fleece covering put over the chard in the hope it will recover. The potatoes were checked and  fortunately they were all fine, even though the weather was bitterly cold.

But there are signs of spring appearing –  in the shoots of the early daffodils and the snowdrops.

Jobs for next week

  • Continue clearing the playpen area
  • Check the pavers for using to build a sheltered bed
  • Check labelling of fruit for pruning workshop next month
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