Show time is approaching fast – check on George’s progress

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Where does the time go. It seems to disappear faster the older we get, I think.  There is only one week to go until  the Aberdeen Show in Duthie Park, and two weeks to go until the Caley Spring Show at Saughton Park in Edinburgh.  Already there are a number of daffodils and tulips blooming here in Joppa.

The pots of Caley bulbs are progressing well and with luck should be some ready in time for the show.

My pots of Hyacinths ‘Kronos’ and ‘Woodstock’ are mediocre to say the least and while they will never win awards in the pot section there are one or two blooms that might just be entered into the cut flower section.

The pots of tulips, ‘ Exotic Emperor ‘ and ‘Sweet Lady’ are looking on course, the flower buds on the ‘Exotic Emperor’ are more advanced that the ones on ‘Sweet Lady’ so the latter will be set out in the sunny corner at the back of the house just to push it on a bit faster.

The pots of Scamp Challenge have spent the week in the cold glasshouse and will remain there for the next week just to get the flower buds up and open in time for their big moment on the show bench.  Fingers crossed.

The pot of ‘Eva Hibbert’ has spent the last week inside in the sunny window of the living room and has grown considerably. The flowerbuds are well formed and this week it will spend time in the cold glasshouse in order to keep up progress. Meanwhile the pot of ‘Dunston’s Fire’ is looking OK.

There are some good buds on the pots of ‘Blushing Maiden’ and ‘Golden Amber’ and they will now spend some time in the sunny corner to get the flowers to open. I like to get the flowers to open about a week before the show as it is easier to hold them back rather than force them to open.

I have had a look at the forecast for the next two weeks and it looks set to be mild and free from damaging gales.  Watering and feeding will continue, pots will be staked as required and moved into the shade where excess are to keep the blooms in good condition for the show.

Keep an eye on the weather.

Happy pottering



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