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Only FOUR WEEKS Until the show but no need for panic measures just yet.

The Caley bulbs in George’s cold glasshouse are moving slowly in this cold weather but once the sun returns they will start to grow away quickly.

George’s pot of bulbs he put the marker in have put on about 25mm of growth in the past week which just shows how hardy Daffodil bulbs can be.





George’s own pots of bulbs are all back in the cold glasshouse even the ones that are well advanced and he had put outside to slow them down. No need to slow them down in this weather!

Georges pots of Hyacinths and Scamp Challenge bulbs are doing well.  The Hyacinths are starting to show colour and given a fair wind will be ready in plenty time for the show.


If your bulbs are sitting outside, try to move them:-

close to the house wall  OR

put them on the windowsill in a cool room  OR

cover the pots with Horticultural fleece.

More later when the weather improves.

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