Spring is coming to the Allotment

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Last Thursday was a day with no wind or rain so it was a good time to get the new felt onto the shed roof.

The last of the shallots were planted and netted against the rabbits and birds and, as ever,  the weeding continued. We lifted the cardboard used to cover the potato bed and uncovered a collection of New Zealand flatworms which were quickly sent on their way. They come to the surface when it is damp and not too cold so the cardboard was an ideal way to bring them out.

Unfortunately, the soil temperature 20cm down is still too cold and, as it is still so wet,  we are delaying putting in the first of the potatoes for another week. The cardboard was replaced with plastic so that should help to dry out the soil and warm it up.

More spring flowers are coming out and the plum blossom had just started to show so we need to hope there are no frosts in the next few weeks and the pollinators can get busy. A red primula has appeared among the cowslips, a very pretty plant but if it is left in there will be cross-pollination and the cowslips will turn orange next year. The rogue was dug up and given to a good home.

Jobs for this week

  • Possible potato planting – early variety
  • Weave in the willow into the windbreaks
  • Tidy up the old windbreak
  • Continue with repair of raised beds
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