A calm day on the allotment

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A calm sunny day and the first of the early potatoes put in since the soil temperature under the plastic had improved. Two rows were put in – varieties Jazzy and Colleen. Over the next few weeks the second earlies and main crop will go in.

Still carrying on with the basic maintenance on the raised beds and the fruit cage was re-erected over the currants. The remainder of the willow prunings were woven into the windbreak and this year’s growth will be used to finish the job.
Flowering shoots were spotted on the rhubarb so they were removed. The flowers are spectacular but we prefer to have the stalks.  Last year we planted climbing spinach but it didn’t survive so trying again this year with the plant under protection to keep it safe until the weather warms up.

Sieved compost was added to the carrot tubs ready for sowing but the ground was too wet to prepare the trench for carrots, maybe next week.

We are still picking from the purple sprouting broccoli and the chives and Welsh onions give leaves for salads. There is good flowering on the plum and damson and the apple blossom is on the point of appearing so we are hoping for no frosts and sunny days to encourage all the pollinators to come out.

Jobs for next week
Fleece on the strawberries
Prepare trench for carrots
Plant 2nd early potatoes
Sow peas in pots at home to foil the mice
Plant out young broad beans
Plant new bramble

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