Week 2 of George’s Bulb Blog

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The pots of bulbs lifted last week and put into the cold glasshouse have started to green up and dry out slightly.

Beginning to green up

The leaves on the Hyacinths are starting to splay out from the central flower buds. I will need to be careful not to damage the undeveloped individual flower pips.

I will not water the pots for another two weeks or so and by doing this it allows the soil in the pot to dry out and heat up slightly. Remember that plant growth is really all down to the chemical reactions within the plant cells and as we may remember from our distant science and chemistry classes heat speeds up reactions and therefore growth. If I keep the water levels low I can control the growth a little.

Some of the pots of Avalanche are very well advanced and are showing well developed flower buds. They will be banished to the cold of the outdoors and may also need to be placed in the shade to hold them back.

Meanwhile outside I have a splendid pot of Iris histrioides Lady Beatrix Stanley in full flower .

Iris histrioides Lady Beatrix Stanley 

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