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Last week George started his Blog on preparing bulbs for showing at spring shows.

His Greenhouse was ready and waiting. The bulb foliage was well through the top of his plunge so he made the decision to lift them out. This is much about the same as last year when proceedings started round about Burns Night.The pots were cleaned off, removing all the plunge material and scraping off just enough compost from the tops of the pots to allow a space for watering later.  At this stage he will leave the pots un-watered and let them dry out so that he can control the watering and therefore their growth.

Greenhouse ready and waiting

Shoots emerging from the plunge

Cleaned pots

George had lifted some of his own bulbs from the allotment this year hoping that they would perform well but sad to say they appear to be a bit uneven at this stage. However he does have bulbs from Scamp, Walkers and Parkers as a safety net.




Editors note: This is a transfer from the old site which ‘escaped ‘ during the build up of the new integrated site.  New blog coming

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