3 weeks to go….

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I have to say that it has been a mixed season on the bulb front so far this year with some pots responding better than others. All have been fed and watered over this past week and those that are too advanced are sitting in the shade while those that are a bit behind the curve have been placed out into full light where eventually (when it shines) they will catch the sun.

The pot of Cape Cod tulips is starting to show colour and for the time being will be kept out of the sunshine. Tulip flowers respond quickly to bright sunshine once they start to show colour so best to keep them shaded. Meanwhile the pot of Carnegie hyacinths continue to open well and will be placed in a sunny spot to get the flower spikes fully open for the show.

Scamp Challenge

The pots of Scamp challenge daffodils are now showing better promise with the flower buds starting to show colour. They, like other pots have been staked.

The pots of Lindsay Joy and Feock are developing well and with good luck and a fair wind there should be some reasonable blooms for the Show.

Feock and Lindsay Joy

The pot of Tamar Fire is starting to open its flower buds now and will be kept in a sheltered spot over the next week along with the pot of Ombersley.

Ombersley and Tamar Fire

I will make sure that the pots are well watered in the next weeks and will also keep a special eye out for any maurading slugs or snails which overnight can destroy flower petals.

More next week – Stay safe
Three weeks to go until it is Showtime!!!!

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