New fruit bushes on the Allotment

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Thursday proved to be a good day for the bonfire since there was very little wind. All the old prunings and waste wood were burnt and the ash, which is high in potash, will be spread around the fruit bushes.

Keeping the bonfire stoked

The green manure on another bed was dug in and the onion bed prepared with a spread of compost ready for the onion sets being planted in the next couple of weeks.

New gooseberry bushes – varieties Hinnonmaki Yellow and Hinnonmaki Red – were planted along with new summer raspberry bushes – variety Glen Ample.

Installing the new posts

Along the north edge the willow/hazel windbreak has been slowly disintegrating for some time and the uprights have rotted at the base. They have been in around 15 years but time takes its toll. They were removed, new posts hammered in and wire fencing attached. Willow prunings will be woven through the fencing and give less work to maintain.

And, of course, the weeding continues.

Jobs for next week

  • Plant onion sets weather permitting
  • Plant mashua and dwarf artichokes
  • Dig up remaining Jerusalem artichokes
  • Weed comfrey bed
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