March brings breezes loud and shrill…

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March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil.

High winds forecast for #sunnyjoppa today and tomorrow so ‘Panic in the ranks this morning’ with lots of pots moved into sheltered accommodation for the next two days.

The continuing mild weather and blinks of strong sunshine have caused many of the pots of bulbs to start opening their flowers. With just over two weeks to go until the show that should be ideal but it would be better to have some lower temperatures just to slow their development down and steady their growth. All of the pots have been staked and the next move will be to select the show worthy ones and clean up and moss the pots.

The Tulips have started to open since I photographed them last weekend and perhaps if I keep them in the shade they will last until the show. They open very quickly when they get any bright sunshine so keep them shaded and sheltered. The Hyacinths are almost at their best at the moment and if the show was this weekend I would be very hopeful for a good result, but we have two weeks to go!

Tulip & Hyacinth

The Scamp Challenge bulbs are starting to flower. This variety with its white petals and pink trumpet seems rather fragile so I will keep it cool and well watered in an attempt to firm up the flowers.

Scamp Challenge

The pot of Lindsay Joy continues to be the poorest of the bunch but is managing to put up some flowers which with encouragement might just make it to the show-bench.

Lindsay Joy


The pot of Feock is looking much better and might be entered into the pot class along with the pot of Ombersley once the wind blown stems have straightened up.

Feock and Ombersley

The pot of the double flowered Tamar Fire is producing some interesting blooms and although not the largest of flowers will make a worthwhile addition to the show-bench.

Tamar Fire

The excitement mounts, only two weeks to go.
Remember you can use any daffodils from your garden to use as show entries in the cut flower section of the show, evem of you do not know the exact variety. It is good to see the show benches full.

Happy pottering,
More next week

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