Just four weeks to go to the show

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The milder weather of the past week has brought a number of daffodils out in the garden here in #Sunnyjoppa, but this morning there is a much cooler air blowing in off the North Sea so hopefully growth will slow down a bit.

The pot of Cape Cod tulips are starting to show colour in the flower buds and so will be kept in the shade meantime and given less water in order to hold them back. The pot of Carnegie hyacinths while slightly taller than I would wish are developing more slowly and the individual flower pips are starting to open out from the main stems.

The two pots of Scamp Challenge bulbs are showing flower buds now but may eventually need to be taken back into the cold glasshouse just to get the flowers to develop more quickly. There are just four weeks until the show.

Scamp Challenge

There are good flower buds showing on both the pot of Ombersley and Tamar Fire and for the time being they will remain in a shaded spot and only given enough water to keep them ticking over.

Tamar Fire & Ombersley

Lindsay Joy & Feock

The pot of Lindsay Joy continues to be below par but hopefully I will manage to cut a couple of flowers from it to put into the show. The pot of Feock meantime is growing well and like the Ombersley and Tamar Fire will be given less water and kept shaded for the next week.

Keep an eye of the weather, get ready to stake any pots that are getting too tall and lanky and make sure that you keep the slugs and snails away from the emerging blooms.

More next week
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