The allotment fruits of labour?

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The nights are getting chillier but when working on the allotment on Thursday, the day started with jackets on, but soon warmed up. The old fruiting canes from the raspberries were pruned out and the pruning of the blackcurrants and redcurrants finished.  (Note: the advice sheet on summer pruning has now been added to the website).

The plum season is now here and some of the Victoria plums were ready for picking and all of the gage Denniston’s Superb. These seemed to have suffered an aphid attack earlier in the year since there was little leaf growth on many of the branches and a poor crop but the gages themselves were delicious.

Victoria Plums on the allotment

There is still watering to be done and this week the winter brassicas, autumn raspberries, beans and courgettes were given a good soak.

Some carrots and beetroot that matched the class requirements were found to enter the Dlakeith show.

Carrots and Beetroot ready to prepare for entry to Dalkeith show

Quite a number of carrots needed to be pulled up to find three quality same size carrots but they will all store well. There are also two marrows picked earlier.
Jobs for next week: Cut the comfrey and add to compost heap; Dig up the last of the potatoes – paper bags in shed; Remove broad beans and peas which are finished; Water the autumn raspberries, beans, courgettes

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