Cacti & Succulent Virtual Show

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Caley members with an interest in growing cacti and succulents asked if we could hold virtual show this year.  Our virtual Spring Shows proved very popular earlier this year, so we thought we would see if there would be any interest.

We have a number of classes that you can enter. Don’t worry if you don’t know the name of your plant, we even have a couple of classes that you can enter unidentified plants in.  We may even be able to help you identify it. Details of the different classes are given below and can also be downloaded here.

Caley cacti and succulent virtual show – 2021 

  1. Any cactus (whether or not you know the name or group)
  2. One plant Mammillaria group
  3. One Plant Rebutia group
  4. One plant Cereus group
  5. One plant Gymnocalycium group
  6. One plant Echinocactus group
  7. Any cactus in flower
  8. Any succulent (whether or not you know the name or group)
  9. One Plant Agave group
  10. One plant Crassulaceae group
  11. One Plant Euphorbia group
  12. Aloe, Gasteria or Haworthia 
  13. Lithops or other Mesembryanthemum
  14. Any succulent in flower
  15. Display of cacti and/or succulents in a container


  • There are no pot size restrictions in this virtual show.
  • Photographs of entries should be taken in 2021 and emailed to by 19th June 2021.
  • Maximum of two entries per class
  • Entries should be named where possible.

Any questions – just email

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