Checking the damage on the Allotment

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A short visit to the plot on Thursday – mainly to check on any damage after the first storm of the season and to see how the plants are coping with the exceptional cold for this time of year.  Good to see there was little to repair.

There was frost on the ground and very cold, but the sun was shining in a clear sky and a pair of swans flew past.

Allotment in winter –netted strawberry runners spaced out in front. The winter brassicas are at the far end in maximum sunshine

The autumn-planted broad beans were mostly fine, only one or two had been partially frosted, but we put a fleece round them to help them along. The oca foliage had died down but that is expected with the first cold weather. More seriously, parts of the hazel/willow windbreak had collapsed and more of the uprights had broken at the base but liberal use of string and supports will keep them going for the moment.

A reminder of warmer days – July 2021

A huge pile of woodchip had been delivered so we kept warm topping up some of the paths.  The onions and potatoes stored in the shed were taken away in case they were frosted and after a cup of coffee we went home to thaw out.

Jobs for next week

  • More woodchip on the paths
  • Finish cutting back the grass edges


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