It was chilly but at least it wasn’t raining!

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Good to see the sunshine and no wind today but somewhat chilly so the team kept on the move. The Tayberry was pruned with the fruiting shoots for this year taken off at ground level and this year’s new shoots which will give fruit next year, tied in to the wire. The phacelia on the green manure bed was still flowering but now too cold for the bees so the green manure was dug in and will rot down over winter, improving soil fertility. Still doing the final weeding with the asparagus bed and round some of the hazels being done. The asparagus is not doing well: most of the plants seem to have died due to the poor weather over the past two years but we shall keep it going until the spring and see what the crop is. Still working too on clearing the willow patch, now digging out the couch grass which has got well established so not an easy or quick job.
There was a good picking today of winter vegetables: sprouts, two varieties of kale, chard, red cabbage, flower sprouts and a good bunch of parsley plus potatoes and onions. The only apple tree that managed to fruit is finally ripening so had the first apple today – Adam’s Pearmain – netted the remainder against the birds.

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