Showery and Windy on the Allotment

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Another showery and windy day on Thursday. Between showers we managed some of our planned jobs.
The original strawberry plants have been covered with fleece to protect and encourage growth. Two of the willows on our west boundary missed the autumn pruning so we managed to complete the job, saving the branches for another day.

Pruning the willow

We had decided the small ‘Peasgood Nonsuch’ apple tree was taking up space in the edible flower bed and would be better in the bed beside our small cheery tree. So, a planting hole was prepared and then the tree was dug up carefully with as much of a root ball as possible, then lifted into its new home, back filled with soil and compost and staked. Just hope it was not too late as there were signs of buds.

Planting the apple tree

We continue to crop the pak choi and will soon clear the bed for sweet peas. This week we had a first cutting of sprouting broccoli, this will allow the lower sprouts to develop.

Jobs for next week:
• Prepare bed for shallots/onions and plant.
• Prepare carrot bed.
• Dig over new edible flower bed and remove stones.

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