Harvesting continues on the Allotment

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Harvesting continues with the dwarf French beans now in full flow – the purple ones are especially tasty – and the runners almost ready. We are still picking broad beans, beetroot, courgettes of course and the soft fruit, blueberries and some boysenberries. There is a good onion crop this year due to the warm dry days and time for them to be dug up and tied into bunches ready for hanging up to dry. The same was done with the garlic.

The sweet peas still continue to flower amazingly.

And we are always looking ahead to keep the succession of veg coming. The first batch of peas are over, and more were planted with ones brought on at home to ensure the mice don’t eat the seeds. Another planting of young beetroot was also put in.

And the general cultivation continues too. The old carrot bed where none of the carrot seedlings survived the slug/snail attacks was weeded. Fortunately, the carrots sown in tubs are coming on well and will soon need thinned. With the strawberries over, all the old leaves and unwanted runners were cut off and the plants fed and watered.

Even with the forecast of rain, we got the hose out since the soil is dry and the moisture level needs to be kept up to get good crops of fruit and veg.

So, yet another busy session on the plot but we always make time for coffee and lunch!

Jobs for next week

  • Hang up the onions and garlic
  • Cut the grass and tidy the edges
  • Continue with gooseberry pruning
  • Thin the carrots
  • Sow green manure where no more crops will be planted
  • Net the apples
  • Pull up the foxgloves
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