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Another mild and sunny day on the plot with interesting clouds, the geese flying over and more trains than usual.

Our time on the plot is much shorter and more relaxed now. More weeding was done, and a plan made for renewal of the raised beds and the fruit and windbreak posts.

The flowers of the Jerusalem artichokes are finished. The amazingly tall stems were cut down to a couple of feet so that we have a marker for where the tubers might be when we come to dig them up later.

The leaves are accumulating, and we now have two green bins for them. They do rot down very quickly in these and will be ready as an excellent soil conditioner next year. The compost which has fully rotted down is now in bags and will be spread on the beds in late winter.

The green manures that were sown a couple of weeks ago have germinated and should soon give a green covering to the beds and help protect the soil from the winter rains.

A picking of red cabbage, sprouts and kale, and potatoes, onions and apples from the store shed ended the day.

Jobs for next week

  • Continue with the weeding on the comfrey bed
  • Tidy the outside store area
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