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Blue skies and warm sunshine today even allowed the more hardy of us to take off jackets. After all the snow, the ground is not dry enough to do any work on it but as the days lengthen, it is time to give the fruit a nitrogen feed to encourage the leaves to start growing. The fruit buds are showing signs of fattening up and on the honeyberry, the leaves have already started to show.

We finished the new willow woven windbreak and now only need to do some repairs on the older ones.

It was surprising to see the netting over the various brassicas had held up, though the snow weighing it down had allowed the pigeons to eat the tops of the kale through it. The side-shoots on the variety ‘Pentland Brig’ are growing well and gave a good picking today and there are still a few leeks and, as ever, plenty of artichokes.

Jobs for next week

  • Plant out the broad beans: variety ‘The Sutton’.
  • Plant out the onion sets already grown on.
  • Start working on the beds.
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