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The weather is getting slightly better with the nights becoming less chilly. Fortunately, we have had some rain, so the hosepipe stayed in the shed. The last of the main crop potatoes were put in – Pink Fir Apple and Maris Piper – and the first rows of peas – Hurst Greenshaft and Sugar Snap – were planted. These were sown at home and put in as small plants. Mice are very fond of pea seeds, so it is generally a good idea to put in young plants, especially early in the season. Meanwhile at home, sowing is going on of sweetcorn, squashes, courgettes and the brassicas for next winter.

Tool hooks were put up in the shed and now all the spades, forks, hoes and rakes are all beautifully in order and accessible. The redundant planks from the old raised bed had the rotten sections sawn off and will be used for repairs.

The Saskatoon in flower




All the fruit is now in splendid flower and the tulips in full bloom. The rhubarb is cropping amazingly well and we had the first picking of the spring cabbages.






Jobs for next week

  • Sowing of beetroot, turnips, carrots
  • Sow runner and French beans at home
  • Plant out oca tubers
  • Dig in manure to sweetcorn bed
  • Move the fruit cage
  • Another feeding of the fruit
  • Move the compost heap into green bin
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